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Evergreen Forex Robot For Gold and Majors

    The Evergreen Forex Robot for Metatrader 4 is a rich trading tool designed to auto-trade the market using a flexible point.

    The Evergreen Forex robot is able to trigger a sell signal when the flexible point stays below the previous one and when it is above the previous point, a buy signal is automatically triggered.

    Users can disregard a buy/sell trigger alert on the Evergreen FX robot when a buy/sell position is already opened.

    Adding martingale and money management to this expert advisor boosts its trading performance.

    The MT4 EA made $6257.97 profit on the Gold spot 4-Hour chart from an initial deposit of $10000.

    Feel free to tryout the robot on any major currency pair of your preference (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, …) along with most commodities i.e. like Crude oil, Gold, Wheat, Natural gas, Coffee, etc.

    Default EA settings:

    Ext Depth: 17, ext deviation: 7, ext back step: 5, lot: 0.1

    The default EA settings can be modified directly by editing the source code or changing the robot’s input values.

    It’s highly recommended to test the expert advisor for MT4 on a practice account first before running it on a live Forex account.

    Download This MT4 Forex Robot Free

    Download the “ZigZagEvgeTrofi_1.mq4” Metatrader 4 Robot

    Strategy Tester Performance Report

    Find below the MT4 strategy tester performance report for the MT4 expert advisor attached to the Gold spot 4-hour trading chart.

    Strategy Tester Performance Highlights

    The Evergreen MT4 expert advisor made a total profit of $6275.97 ($10000 initial deposit) from 223 trades during the initial testing period.

    The largest winning trade generated $1182.76 in profit, while the largest losing trade lost -$306.66.

    See the test results report above for all details.

    Download This Expert Advisor Now

    Download the “ZigZagEvgeTrofi_1.mq4” MT4 Expert Advisor

    Adjustable Input Parameters

    Ext Depth, ext deviation, ext back step, lot.

    .More Info About This Expert Advisor For MT4

    Recommended Currency pairs: Commodities & Currency Majors

    Trading Platform: MT4

    Time frames: M30-D1

    Expert Advisor Type: Swing Trader


    Copy and paste the expert advisor in the MT4 experts data folder.

    Then restart the MT4 terminal and attach it to any chart.