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Sidus V1 Forex Robot For Metatrader 4

    The Sidus V1 Forex robot for MT4 is an automated trading software that uses a unique algorithm of moving averages and relative strength indexes to generate buy/sell market triggers.

    The EA uses four exponential moving averages with varying periods, alongside two relative strength indexes that have changeable periods as well.

    The Sidus V1 Forex robot gained an amazing $31865.70 on the EUR/USD 1-Hour chart from an initial deposit of $10000.

    Feel free to tryout the robot on any currency pair of your preference (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, …) along with most exotic forex pairs i.e. USD/TRY, USD/MXN, EUR/HUF, GBP/ZAR, AUD/MXN, USD/THB, etc.

    Default EA settings:

    Fast EMA 1: 23, slow EMA 1: 7, fast EMA 2: 18, slow EMA 2: 54, RSI period 1: 67, RSI period 2: 97, b1: 63, c1: 59, b12: -57, c12:60, pipdiffcurrent2: 24, rsi_sig2: -97, tp: 95, st: 100, tp2: 17, st2: 69, lots: 0.5

    The default EA settings can be modified directly by editing the source code or changing the robot’s input values.

    It’s highly recommended to test the expert advisor for MT4 on a demo account first before running it on a real Forex account.

    Download This MT4 Forex Robot Free

    Download the “Sidus_v1.mq4” Metatrader 4 Robot

    Strategy Tester Performance Report

    Find below the MT4 strategy tester performance report for the Sidus V1 Forex robot attached to the EURUSD 1-hour trading chart.

    Strategy Tester Performance Highlights

    The MT4 expert advisor made a total profit of $31865.70 ($10000 initial deposit) from 1152 trades during the initial testing period.

    The largest winning trade generated $525.70 in profit, while the largest losing trade lost -$510.00.

    See the test results report above for all details.

    Download This Expert Advisor Now

    Download the “Sidus_v1.mq4” MT4 Expert Advisor

    Adjustable Parameters

    Fast EMA 1, slow EMA 1, fast EMA 2, slow EMA 2, RSI period 1, RSI period 2, b1, c1, b12, c12, pipdiffcurrent2, rsi_sig2, tp, st, tp2, st2, lots.

    More Info About This Expert Advisor

    Recommended Currency pairs: EUR/USD & other major pairs.

    Trading Platform: MT4

    Time frames: M15-D1

    Expert Advisor Type: Trend


    Copy and paste the expert advisor in the MT4 experts data folder.

    Then restart the MT4 terminal and attach it to any chart.