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Snake Border Forex Trend System MT4 Indicator

    The Snake Border Forex trend system Metatrader 4 indicator is an amazing system that has the potential to enhance your daily market gains dramatically.

    The Snake Border MT4 indicator is quite simple to understand and it displays in a user-friendly manner on the activity chart.

    Traders can now stay with a trend until it extinguishes while using this indicator.

    Moreover, traders can also receive early warning signs of trend reversals when using the Snake Border trend system Forex indicator.

    Key Takeaways

    • Just to get a clearer picture of how the market is fairing, pay more attention to the dual Snake Border indicator bar colors on display.
    • Generally speaking, the indicator tends to display an olive bar on the lower end of the powder-blue bars to illustrate bullish market sentiments.
    • When the olive filled bars sits on top of the powder-blue bars, it is indicative of a bearish market sentiment.
    • The length of the colored bars indicates the strength of the trend. The longer the olive bars, the stronger the bullish trend, while the longer the powder-blue bar, the stronger the bearish trend.

    Feel free to explore the Snake Borders Forex indicator’s different parameters and settings to create your own personalized indicator setup.

    Download This MT4 Forex Indicator Free

    Download the “borders-indicator.ex4” Metatrader 4 indicator

    Snake Border Trend System Forex Indicator Chart (EUR/JPY M5 Chart Example)

    Here’s an example of how the indicator should look like when loaded onto the Metatrader 4 chart.

    Finding Buy and Sell Triggers With The Snake Border Trend System Forex Indicator

    Buy Signal: Go long when the olive bar forms beneath the powder-blue bar and the MACD MT4 indicator prints silver histograms above the zero-horizontal level.

    Sell Signal: Go short when the olive bar forms above the powder-blue bar and the MACD MT4 indicator prints silver histograms below the zero-horizontal level.

    Exit buy trade: Close all buy orders if while a bullish trend is running, the Snake Borders MT4 indicator prints an olive bar on top of the powder-blue bar, while MACD pops up a silver histogram below the zero level.

    Exit sell trade: Close all sell orders if while a bearish trend is ongoing, the Snake Borders indicator prints an olive bar beneath the powder-blue bar, while MACD pops up a silver histogram above the zero level.

    Tips: Trade the Snake Borders indicator alongside other technical indicators and get more yields, thereby placing traders on a better trade footing, which is why we added the MACD indicator to its setup rules.

    Download This Forex Indicator Now

    Download the “borders-indicator.ex4” MT4 indicator

    Adjustable Parameters

    Max period, min period, show max period, show hist max period, show hist min period, show signal.

    More Info About This Indicator

    Tradable Currency pairs: Any

    Trading Platform: MT4

    Time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1

    Indicator Type: trend trading


    Copy and paste the indicator in the MT4 indicators data folder.

    Then restart the MT4 terminal and attach it to any chart.